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Geert Bosman

Over Geert Bosman

Mr. Geert Bosman is a born and bred Frisian. When studying Dutch Law at the University of Groningen, he chose to specialise in liability and insurance law. He graduated in 2000 and was sworn in as a lawyer in the same year.

Today, he runs a civil practice with an emphasis on construction law, tenancy law and liability law, in the Construction, Property and Business Law practice groups.

His work in relation to liability law largely involves recovering the losses sustained as a result of fraud, acting on the instructions of management bodies, companies and private individuals. Cases involve insurance fraud, benefit fraud and employee theft. 

Geert has successfully completed the specialist court on business and liability at the Grotius Academy and is a member of the Dutch association on liability law. He is also a member of the Association of Debt Collection and Litigation Lawyers (Vereniging van Incasso en Procesadvocaten (VIA)). 

Geert has held management and committee positions with a football club, the Ronde Tafel 166 Veldhoven, of which he is now a member, and networking organisation ONS Ondernemen.

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