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Ingrid van den Broek

About Ingrid van den Broek

Ingrid van den Broek was sworn in as a lawyer at the beginning of 2003 and has worked at TRC Advocaten with great pleasure ever since. After gaining experience in various legal areas for the first three years with the firm, she decided to focus primarily on advising company owners and employees. She has been running a consulting and litigation practice specialising in employment law, business law, contract law and liability law for some time now. Ingrid also handles cases involving personal injury.

Ingrid has successfully completed two specialist courses at the Grotius Academy. In June 2009, she completed the specialist course on business and liability. In June 2014, she successfully completed the specialist course on employment law.

Ingrid is a member of the Association of Debt Collection and Litigation Lawyers (Vereniging voor Incasso en Procesadvocaten (VIA)) and the Dutch association for liability law (Vereniging voor Aansprakelijkheidsrecht). She is also a member of the Advisory Board for Sondervick College (a combined school in Veldhoven) and Kiwanis Eindhoven and holds a committee position with Ladies Circle De Kempen too.