Jeroen Hellendoorn

Partner and professional receiver

Business law Insolvency law
Jeroen  Hellendoorn

Jeroen Hellendoorn was sworn in as a lawyer in 1988. He is one of our specialists in the field of insolvency law. He is often appointed to act as a receiver or administrator and advises companies faced with (imminent) insolvency. With this in mind, he has completed the specialist course on insolvency law. Jeroen is a member of the Dutch Association of Insolvency Practitioners (Vereniging van Insolventierecht Advocaten (Insolad)).

Jeroen is also active in the field of business law, advising clients on this legal area and conducting proceedings for them.

Company owners often need practical advice about contracts and about how to handle contracting parties, competitors, employees and fellow shareholders. He works with company owners to establish the optimal route for the business and the company owner. This work involves instituting legal proceedings, but also developing collaborative ventures and contracts that take the pressure off the company owner and put him in a position to focus on running his company.

Jeroen enjoys playing hockey and golf.