At TRC Advocaten, we divide up the business-law legal area into what happens internally in a company and what the organisation is confronted with externally. Examples of 'internal' business-law factors follow below: 

  • The position between shareholders and partners
  • The position of the director under the articles of association
  • Internal supervision, formalities for shareholders' meetings, resolutions to be passed, the annulment of shareholders' resolutions
  • The board of a legal entity
  • Partnerships like the professional partnership, the general partnership and the sole trader
  • Legal entitles like the private limited company, the public limited company, the association, the foundation and the cooperative association
  • All kinds of agreements, such as the shareholders' agreement and the management agreement
  • The various types of shares and the rights relating to them. Stock appreciation rights, for example
  • Disputes with the Enterprise Division of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal
  • The restructuring and reorganisation of a company

As regards what a company is confronted with externally, TRC Advocaten understands this as primarily involving the relations between individual companies.

For example: 

  • The sale of a company by means of a transfer of assets and liabilities or share transaction
  • All kinds of agreements in this respect. The non-disclosure agreement and the purchase and sale of shares
  • The franchise agreement and the distribution agreement
  • The collection or recovery of specific monetary claims that one company has against another company
  • Disputes between companies