As a law firm, TRC Advocaten has extensive expertise and experience of handing (complex) criminal cases. Given the size of the firm, TRC Advocaten is always able to create or mobilise a good team of lawyers for any type of (complex) criminal case and every (complex) problem that arises under criminal law. The team at TRC Advocaten is able to handle every aspect of criminal law, varying from ‘general’ criminal law (also referred to as 'standard' or ‘traditional’ criminal law, covering all of the criminal offences described in Book 2 (serious offences) and Book 3 (minor offences)), to:

  • traffic-related criminal law
  • economic criminal law
  • environmental criminal law
  • the recovery of fraud losses

TRC Advocaten focuses primarily on the interests of company owners, not just in relation to the business itself, but also – unfortunately, this happens too – in their contacts with police and the law. You may find yourself involved in criminal proceedings and in need of the services of specialist criminal lawyers. The team at TRC Advocaten has acted for several company owners who were, whether or not correctly, suspected of arson, purportedly having set fire to their businesses because they were the last people left in their business premises before the fire broke out. 

Companies sometimes become the victims of fraudsters too. TRC Advocaten has developed its own expertise, enabling it to act for the victims of fraud, insolvency fraud and other types of fraud case. TRC Advocaten can help you with any of the above too. 

The criminal lawyers at TRC Advocaten are true specialists and keep their knowledge up-to-date at all times. 

The criminal lawyers at TRC Advocaten act for both private individuals and companies. They can do this on a paid basis, but also on the basis of legal aid. However, the approach we adopt to clients is always personal and committed regardless of the type of funding applicable.

TRC Advocaten is also increasingly being approached to act for the victims and/or injured parties in criminal cases. So, should you or your company ever become the ‘subject of a criminal investigation’ or should you ever become the victim of a criminal offence, please contact TRC Advocaten without delay. 

The criminal law lawyers at TRC Advocaten will be pleased to act for you and support you where necessary and possible and will always do so in an expert, personal and involved manner and in the most cost-effective way possible.