Labour is essential to our economy and manifests itself in many different forms. Employment law focuses on the rules that apply to the legal relationship between employers and employees. Both are able to determine the specifics of this relationship between themselves, but always subject to the limits of statutory and collective rules. 

It is true to say that employment law never stands still, whether in terms of legislation or case law. For example, the Work and Security Act (Wet Werk en Zekerheid (WWZ)) has been introduced in stages since 1 January 2015. This legislation has changed individual topics of employment law, sometimes quite drastically.  

The lawyers in the Employment Law practice group at TRC Advocaten have a broad knowledge of employment law. We have extensive experience of both advising clients and conducting legal proceedings for them. 

We act for both employers and employees. We are also able to advise works councils that would like advice on the performance of their role in a company. We do not set out to provoke a confrontation with the other party in the advice we provide. We like to look for a way to achieve the best result possible for everyone involved.

Our expertise covers many different aspects of employment law, including:

  • the preparation and checking of different forms of employment contract (such as fixed-term employment contracts, permanent employment contracts, min-max contracts and on-call contracts, etc.)
  • competition clauses and non-solicitation clauses
  • special clauses, such as trial period clauses, confidentiality clauses, study expense clauses, non-recruitment clauses and ancillary activities clauses
  • back wages
  • changes to terms and conditions of employment
  • individual dismissal law
  • collective dismissal law/reorganisation
  • termination of an employment contract by means of a settlement agreement/dismissal compensation
  • questions relating to severance pay/transition payment
  • the ill employee and ensuing re-integration (obligations)
  • secondment and assignment
  • holidays and special forms of leave
  • the position of the director under the articles of association where employment law is concerned
  • collective agreements law
  • co-determination law
  • employer liability
  • employee liability
  • pension law
  • international employment law
  • equal treatment
  • the distinction between an employment contract and a contract for services, the position of the self-employed worker without employees (ZZP-er)

If you have any questions about employment law, please contact one of the lawyers named on this page. Your call will be entirely free of obligation.