We have built up a considerable amount of expertise on the subject of insolvency law. TRC Advocaten has specialists that focus on liquidating the assets and settling the liabilities of insolvent companies and moratoriums. The district courts of East Brabant and Limburg regularly appoint them to act as receivers and administrators as a result.

Armed with the experience gained, we are ideally placed to effectively advise companies that are experiencing difficult times, for whatever reason. Our insolvency-law lawyers can help these companies to implement reorganisations and/or restructuring, whether or not in collaboration with our employment law specialists and with the help of accountants and tax advisers. We also advise other parties involved in this process, including financiers and takeover candidates.

Our insolvency-law specialists also advise on financing structures and primary security.

Issues relating to improper performance by directors and directors' and officers' liability fall under insolvency law too. We act for companies, institutions and (former) directors that are confronted with any of the above. 

Finally, our insolvency-law lawyers can provide you with sound advice on issues involving:

  • debt rescheduling and the achievement of a composition with creditors (whether or not extrajudicial)
  • company financing
  • the filing of a winding-up petition and applying for a moratorium
  • the achievement of a relaunch
  • the buying of assets and/or a company when a company is to be liquidated
  • limiting losses following the liquidation of a company (retention of title, right of retention, right to claim back goods)
  • asset transactions
  • the termination of credit facilities