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Construction law
Ben van Campfort

About Ben van Campfort

Ben van Campfort joined TRC Advocaten on August 1, 2019, where he has joined the Construction and Real Estate Law section.

Ben was born and raised in Eindhoven. In 2009 he obtained his bachelor's degree in Law and Management at the University of Tilburg. He also did his three month student internship at TRC Advocaten in 2009. In 2010 Ben obtained his Master's degree in Law and Management and the Civil Effect (part of the bachelor study Dutch Law which is necessary to later enter the legal profession).

After his studies, Ben joined a law firm in 's-Gravendeel (Zuid Holland) in May 2011. On 5 August 2011 Ben was sworn in as a lawyer. From December 2013 to February 2015 he worked at a Rotterdam law firm, before returning to Brabant; until July 2019 he worked at a medium-sized Eindhoven law firm.

From his childhood, Ben already knew that he wanted to become a lawyer. He has never regretted that thought for a moment. Every case has its own story, in which obtaining the best possible result for the client is his driving force; this is what brings him satisfaction.

Ben's working method is characterized by a no-nonsense attitude and drive. He works carefully and talks and writes in understandable language, without fuss. You will always find him on the phone, enthusiastic and in good spirits. Honesty and trust are of paramount importance to Ben.

Ben successfully completed the Grotius Specialization Course in Real Estate Law in December 2017.