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Erik  Vannisselroy

About Erik Vannisselroy

Erik Vannisselroy was sworn in as a lawyer in 1993 and joined (the legal predecessor of) TRC Advocaten. Since 2002 he is one of the partners. Nowadays he mainly works for SME entrepreneurs. He advises and litigates in the field of corporate law and labour law. Specialisms are: corporate law, company takeovers, employment law, contract law and debt collection.

Erik has an extensive track record and has many clients in business services, the agricultural sector and the IT industry. He also works for many manufacturing and trading companies.

Erik is a highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, with high professional standards. He is appreciated by his clients for his great commitment and meticulousness. As one of them describes: "He provides thorough preparation, thinks along, is creative in seeking opportunities in the interest of the organization and knows how to articulate that at the right time. I have experienced our cooperation as very pleasant and positive." "If he has to, he puts everything aside," said a second client. "Tenacious. Dedicated. Always correct," says another client. "And that's good, because that's how I am myself."

Erik studied Dutch law at Tilburg University, majoring in corporate law.

He is a member of the VAAN (Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland). He is also a member of the VIA (Vereniging van Incasso- en procesadvocaten). Erik is a sporty and active member of the regional community; he also holds several committee positions, including chairman of Rotaryclub Veldhoven, board member of Stichting Veldhoven Verbindt and chairman of the Advisory Board of a secondary school.