Ghislaine van Kooten

Partner and mediator

Family and inheritance law
Ghislaine van Kooten

Ghislaine van Kooten was sworn in as a lawyer in 2002. She started her career at TRC Advocaten in the general practice, which regularly involved her acting for company owners and employers in proceedings and in the consultancy practice too. For years now, she has focused her energies and input on the law of persons and family law practice area and specialises in property-law aspects of family law. Ghislaine focuses primarily on acting for company owners in divorce situations, divorce cases involving the division or settlement of assets and maintenance disputes. 

To reinforce her expertise, Ghislaine has completed a number of specialist courses, including the specialist course on family law, and she is also a member of the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (Vereniging van Familierechtadvocaten Scheidingsmediators (vFAS)). This is an association of lawyers that specialises in the law of persons and family law. The members of this association offer a high-quality service, the level of which they are able to maintain by following courses on the subject of the law of persons and family law on an annual basis. She also attends intervision meetings with fellow lawyer-mediators, which enables her to keep her knowledge and skill up-to-date too. For more information, see

Ghislaine is also a vFAS-certified mediator, affiliated to the Netherlands Federation of Mediators (Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN)). Ghislaine enjoys helping people who find themselves embroiled in a divorce situation or another dispute involving the law of persons and family law, putting them in a position to communicate with each other with respect (again) and, by doing this, arrive at appropriate agreements in consultation with each other.

Ghislaine has also attended the collaborative divorce lawyer course and is affiliated to the Dutch association of collaborative professionals (Vereniging van Collaboratieve Professionals). When parties have opted for the collaborative divorce route, both will have their own lawyer. The two lawyers will work together constructively and on the basis of a fixed code of conduct to try to achieve a joint solution for everyone concerned. During this process, an expert will often be brought in to help parties communicate with each other (a coach) or assist them with their financial planning (financial). For more information, see