Mark van den Hoff


Construction law Administrative law
Sworn in as a lawyer in 1989 06-53323044 ln.netacovda-crt@ffohdv.m More about Mark van den Hoff
Mark  van den Hoff

About Mark van den Hoff

Mark van den Hoff was sworn in as a lawyer in 1989 and focuses primarily on immigration law. He works as a lawyer at the application centre operated by the Ministry of Justice and has been admitted to the standby duty arrangement for foreign nationals. This involves providing legal assistance to asylum seekers who are submitting asylum applications. Mark also provides legal assistance to foreign nationals who would like to obtain leave to remain in the Netherlands, whether on medical grounds or for the purpose of family reunification or family formation, for example. Legal assistance is also provided to companies with questions about foreign employees, needing help to submit residence permit applications for the purpose of employment and knowledge migrants. He also specialises in questions and proceedings relating to the Foreign Nationals (Employment) Act (Wet Arbeid Vreemdelingen).

Added to this, Mark is at the helm of a consultancy and litigation practice specialising in administrative law and social security law. In this practice, he acts for clients in proceedings involving the Participation Act (Participatiewet), the Sickness Benefits Act (Ziektewet), the Unemployment Act (Werkloosheidswet), the General Old Age Pensions Act (Algemene Ouderdomswet) and related legislation and regulations, amongst others.
Mark is also active in the field of planning and zoning law, providing advice and conducting proceedings involving the Buildings Decree 2012 (Bouwbesluit 2012).