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Ruud van der Linden

About Ruud van der Linden

Ruud van der Linden started his career as a lawyer in Eindhoven in 1983. He currently works in the business law and employment law practice groups. The position of the director and major shareholder and shareholder disputes are issues that occupy him in particular in his practice. Throughout his career as a lawyer, Ruud's work has also involved handling tenancy law issues - in relation to business premises in particular. 

Ruud sees himself as a true business-law lawyer. He has a real affinity with the business sector, because of which he has also held various advisory roles. Firstly, his 10-year involvement with the Supervisory Board for the Aert Swaens housing association (now the Thuis housing association). He was also a member of the Supervisory Board of the professional football organisation FC Eindhoven for 10 years. 

Ruud was the deputy judge at the district court of East Brabant until July 2007 and is now the deputy judge at the district court of Zeeland-West-Brabant.